Residence Visas

There are various paths to residence including:


Let us check for you whether you meet the DEPENDENT CHILD (potentially up to the age of 24) and the PARTNER visa criteria. The PARENT TIER 1 visa was put on hold in October 2016 until further notice. Your parents may of course still visit and spend a considerable amount of time with you under the PARENT/ GRANDPARENT VISITOR visa.  The PARENT RETIREMENT visa still applies as this is essentially a BUSINESS STREAM visa.  


Skilled Migrant Category

This visa provides a two step, points based pathway to residence starting with the ESSENTIAL SKILLS work visa for people who have the transferable skills New Zealand needs. Contact us to find out whether you are from a comparable labour market and whether you qualify for 160 points. If you are short of points we may be able to work out a strategy for you to get more.

Residence from Work 

This visa, which is not based on points but rather on the attributes of your employer, permits a seamless transition from work to residence starting with the WORK TO RESIDENCE visa. After working for 24 months you can apply for residency which will be granted barring any unforeseen eventualities.    

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