Temporary Visas

Do you wish to visit New Zealand or to study/live here? We can assist you in all these areas. Temporary Visas are, in some instances, a pathway to Residency.


Would you like to work in a job market that is strong on protecting its workers? With all the appropriate legislation in place, New Zealand looks after all workers including migrants. Contact us to put you in touch with industry specific employers and recruiters so that you can start looking for employment. Unless you already have residence or you qualify in some other way to work in New Zealand you will need a job offer to get a work visa. However usually the employer will want to know if you already have the right to work in New Zealand before they will give you a job offer. Let us help you shatter this Catch 22 stranglehold.


 Join the throngs of foreign students clamouring to get into our tertiary institutions which offer a smorgasbord of qualifications to choose from presented by an array of educational institutions - all with varying fees and terms of payment etc. And if you find so much choice overwhelming, let us help you make the right selection to achieve your dreams. The student visa is also a potential pathway to work and eventual residency in New Zealand. 


Let us help you with your visitor visas and come and see for yourself why New Zealand is a premier tourist destination. Do you want to catch up with loved ones or friends? Are you wanting to chill in one of the most relaxed countries in the world? Or are you an adrenaline junkie looking for the next fix in a place of spectacular beauty? New Zealand caters for all tastes. 

Interested? See if you qualify...